These 5 Podcasts Led by BlackWomen Keep Me Company…and Give Me Life 
Black women in the podcasting world fill a void.

The lovely Inda Lauryn wrote this great piece on podcasts led by and aimed at Black women. Nerdgasm Noire is featured! And I got a mention for Fresh Out of Tokens & #INeedDiverseGames <3

By my own admission, I am a loner. I am a socially awkward introvert so lacking in many of the most basic social graces that even Abed Nadir would side eye. So I knew it would not be easy to be on my own when I moved across the country four years ago in hopes of pursuing a better life for myself. How’s a girl supposed to make friends when social interaction is painful and exhausting?

Worse, how is a past-college-age Black woman with radical political leanings and a high intolerance for intolerance supposed to find people with similar interests to build relationships with? Introverts may like their own company, but sometimes we like to risk getting out of the shell.

Enter podcasts. Podcasting has opened up the media landscape in a way that has made it more accessible to produce original content. While many of the more well-known podcasts remain dominated by white males, many Black women have managed to produce their own podcasts whether to explore their own interests and hobbies or to fill the void in media representation. 

Over the years I’ve spent building my new life, I’ve podcasts have saved that life again and again. 

These five podcasts led by Black women have given me life and made getting through the day much more tolerable.

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