HI all, Tauriq has asked me to pass on some info and since my WP cross posts everywhere I figured it would be easier to post anything he wants me to send on from here. So first off:

Here’s a GamerGhazi Reddit thread that outlines the sustained, planned attack against him that he wanted me to forward on to y’all.

Tauriq also asked that  “the Witcher 3 was only the beginning of them stalking me, it’s too simplistic to say it was just that Polygon piece.”  Also, please stop talking about GG and him. It wasn’t purely GG that drove him off of twitter finally.

It was a sustained harassment campaign. Stop giving GG credit and credibility for him leaving Twitter.

Second, his own comment on that GamerGhazi thread: 

[–]TauriqM 2 hours ago

Thank you for outlining this. And I appreciate the support.

I will more than likely be writing about it later, but more than anything, I just want those people to leave me and my friends alone – I also want more attention given to the work minority voices are doing to make gaming inclusive; instead of talking about how they drove me away, we should talk about the support I’ve got, how amazing games have progressed and start using the energy we have not after someone’s gone, but while they’re still on social media – and support the hell out of their work. We shouldn’t feel isolated, but so often, given the nature of this culture, we do and we need to do better.

The collective shouldn’t be one that manages to drive someone away; but one that manages to support us against any tides of harassment.

Thank you for all the support, but please let us use this as a reason to support all minority voices.

I’m happy to pass on messages from Tauriq. He’s not going to stop writing about games! He’s not leaving entirely ok?