So looking at “gaming” computers vs PC’s marked as just desktops is turning into an odyssey. Computers marked as “gaming” PC’s are often bigger, light up, have extreme and or monster in the description. It’s an unintentional reminder (for me) of the masculinization of marketing to entice who they are buying their products. Yes when I look at just desktops utility and functionality is highlighted as a feature to make you want to buy that particular model. Shouldn’t my “gaming” PC have those same requirements? Hyping up how boss you’ll be with your rig seems over functionality is silly.

Look at these things *~*


It looks like a Cylon is gonna pop out of it or it’s gonna take over your network when you sleep.

But look at this sleek beauty of a desktop with similar specs to the machines above but its built for function, not form. It also costs the same as the “gamer” rigs but doesn’t look like it’s going to eat me in my sleep.

Since I’ve built my own computers for years, I’ve missed out on this culture of “gaming” pc builds and marketing that helps enable dude-bro and PC Master Race culture (I cringe even typing that) with form over function being the criterion of your next rig. It’s just ridiculous really. It shows the pervasive and wrongheaded idea that gaming is still a boys club. Hopefully marketing will catch up and realize that everyone games and pushing these overpriced, style over substance rigs as hallmarks of gaming cred is divisive and maintains the status quo.

For now, I’ll dive back into the BYO pool, maybe get a starter rig or a decent priced tower, upgrade the PSU and use the videocards sitting on the coffeetable and go on from there. More later as I get inevitably get annoyed with the all flash, no function world of buying an off the shelf PC once more.