I’ve been pondering a podcast for a while, and the chance to chat with Chris Algoo of Brooklyn Gamery gave me the excuse I’ve been needing to finally get off my ass and do the damn thing.

Fresh Out of Tokens podcast is a bi-weekly show focusing on the issues of diversity, intersectionality, representation and feminism. Co-Hosted by me! and David Reeves, also known as RedConversation on Twitter and twitch.

Our first episode will be live today approximately 10:30 am CDT. We talked with Chris Algoo from Brooklyn Gamery about Prism Shell, E3  and the current foolishness over historical (in)accuracy going on in the gaming sphere.

If you want to come and chat with us, drop us a line at freshoutoftokens@gmail.com with the subject “Be Your Guest” either David or I will get back to you within 1 – 2 business days.

We’ve also got a twitter account, @OutOfTokensCast so come over, follow, tweet at us too.

Today is the first episode, so have a listen to us, please give feedback so we can improve and we look forward to this venture