#GamesSoWhite hashtag attempts race in games convo, goes as well as you’d expect

By at 6:33 am Thu, Jun 4, 2015

People on Twitter are using the #GamesSoWhite hashtag to start conversations about whiteness as “default” in video games and fantasy in general, particularly the idea that while dragons and super-weapons are usually embraced with an easy suspension of disbelief, the presence of people of color in these worlds is “just not historically accurate”.

Tanya DePass, creator of the #INeedDiverseGames Twitter hashtag and Tumblr community, is just one of the people who’s led this conversation—she did a great piece here at Offworld on the “historical accuracy” argument as regards her favorite franchise, Dragon Age, and spoke to Arthur Chu at Salon about her diversity activism: “It’s more common to see a blue hedgehog than a person of color as a protagonist in a game,” she said. “And it wears on you.”

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