So I am out of pre-ground coffee ready for the Gevalia machine I’ve had for ages. All I have is this unroasted, green coffee, purchased at Ethiopian Diamond.

I really, really want coffee so I looked up how to roast them beans, and found Ye Olde Skillet Method. Let’s   see how this shakes out yeah?


So I got the skillet ready, heated it up, dropped the beans in and started! Yay right?

20150510_081609 20150510_081551

Well, not so yay! the handle snapped off the skillet mid-roast 🙁


But luck was with me! I had another skillet on hand. So I finished roasting, transferred the beans to a small pot to cool and get the chaff off:



Tip: Also lightly blow on the beans to get chaff off and do it over the trash can so you don’t have it all over the floor or yourself.  So after cooling for 15 minutes */- they went into the grinder, fine grind, 12 cups. The final product was lighter than I expected but it’s my first attempt at this.




So lessons learned: Roast longer until the beans are darker for a darker end product, let the coffee mature a day or two for more flavour and make sure the pan is in good shape! Overall the final cuppa is weaker than I like, but it’s not bad for a first attempt. (Note I put a lot of cream into an already light brew so it’s more cafe’ au lait than I usually take it)