I saw Skyline today… now I had zero expectation for this flick. It was fully intended as a turn my brain off, see shit blow up kind of film. However, it failed to meet even my lower than low expectations for an early winter action movie.

The characters were blander than a rice and water diet. I’ve seen Balsa wood with more character than these walking archetypes of horror/sci-fi/action films. The film, short as it is, should have ended with…

Spoiling the ending under the cut. Read it and save yourself some $$$ …the scene where Jared and his girlfriend are finally captured by the brain stealing aliens. For whatever reason, they need human brains for their bodies to run. The movie could have ended in a blaze of blue light, the aliens win, humanity is erased, oh well. Instead we are treated to an extra ten minutes that could have been saved for an alternative ending on the DVD release. Both Jared and GF awaken in the pit of the alien ship, which not only survives a nuke but rebuilds itself and goes on the warpath 10x harder than before… Jared’s brain is sucked out, and for whatever reason, the aliens discover she’s pregnant and deposit her where the newly harvested brains are being implanted in alien bodies. They foreshadow Jared’s brain being added to an alien and him retaining his human awareness enough to find his GF (I can’t recall her name at all), and protect her from whatever plan the aliens may have had for her and the baby.

Now, if they could detect her pregnancy scant days after she realized she was pregnant her self, why couldn’t they just detect all the humans who managed to hide from them behind flimsy ass blinds the whole time? Seriously, you have the technology to HARVEST HUMAN BRAINS AND USE THEM! but you can’t detect life forms hiding behind curtains? Give me a fucking break. </lj-cut>

In short, bad movie. Don’t let anyone talk you into seeing this movie and if they already have make them buy you dinner. Now I need to wash the taste of that waste of pixels out of my mouth with HP:DH on Friday. Bleah.

2 thoughts on “Ugh Skyline…

  1. That’s all well and good, but again if they have the technology to harvest brains and use humans for fuel and to pilot their bodies, why couldn’t they sense/see/find people who were just hiding behind counters? Makes no sense in the face of their technology against humans hiding behind formica.

  2. The reason the aliens need the brains is for energy. Thats what all the “blue light” shit was about. The human body has enough energy in it, combined with others, to power a city. The idea with the aliens jacking the brains, is something like bio organic and/or nanotechnology. The storyline is actually pretty plausible considering where we are headed as far as technological advances (those we know of and man of those that we will never know of until it’s too late).

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