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I have a new level of non existance: Apparantly PoC didn’t start getting into sci-fi/fantasy until the interent showed us the way. Seriously? What the fuck is that shit?

*~*~* wild unicorn herd check in: “If you identify as a POC/nonwhite person and you read or watch scifi or fantasy, give yourself a name check in this thread.

I am particularly wanting shoutouts from people who do not live in the US and who have still managed to read genre fiction.

I’m tired of people trying to render us invisible unless they have been given a memo about our existences.” ~ delux_vivens.

I’ve failed to effectively discuss RaceFail 09′, and I’m thoroughly, entirely past fashionably late on discussing it, but the sheer stupidity of the idea that POC weren’t fans UNTIL the internet astounds me. Well, not in that I can’t believe it way, but in the someone actually let that come out of their mouth and actually thinks its a plausible explanation? Here’s a newsbite you silly people, just because you don’t see it? Doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Just because you don’t see alot of people of color at conventions doesn’t mean that we are not fans of Sci Fi, etc.

Learn a lesson and realize your validation means fuck all to us. We have been existing and will still exist whether or not you realize it, see it or acknowledge it. I was raised on Star Trek original series, Battle Star Galactica, read comics till I fell asleep, dreamt of traipsing amongst the stars well before some of you probably were around. Stop thinking that if you say something enough its going to become true. Stop thinking we need your hey, I see you there kind of validation to go on with our daily lives.

We don’t need you to co-sign on the fact that black folks like something other than hip hop, malt liquor, soul food and blaxpoitation films.For the last time WE DON’T NEED YOU OR YOUR VALIDATION TO EXIST!

2 thoughts on “For all the people who think POC Fans of Sci Fi didn’t exist until the internet? GTFO of my sci fi you dumbasses

  1. Sorry, I just checked your rather well-credentialed “About Me” section and shouldn’t have used “Man” to kick off my comment. Apologies!

  2. Man, I can’t believe this is even an issue to begin with! Rightly so to give those views a big GTFO-themed shove. Bit of a pitiful and unwarranted examination by whoever started this in the first place. Maybe seeing if there’s a different point of view between ethnic and national groups in *why* they like science-fiction (take for example Cold War-era Soviet science fiction), but what this buffoon is babbling suggests they’re either digging way too deep into something that isn’t needed and they know nothing about – under the pretense of being intellectual – or, my pick, they’re just a bit of a dickhead.

    I’m an Australian, and while we’ve got to deal with our own issues of race-relations back home in Oz, I don’t think anyone here would bother to delve into who started liking what when. It’s science fiction – the more the merrier. Seems like there’s a lot of emphasis on conventions in the US, which is something I can’t comment on.

    Anyway, great blog and nice variety of topics. Keep up the good work.

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