I am so goddamned sick and tired of hearing clips of Bobby “Everyone’s a racist” Rush flapping his gums about how the vacant (I’m considering it vacant until the DNC allows someone to take it) seat left by our President-Elect has to go to a black politician.

Now Burris is going to DC anyway and will be turned away, further embarrassing himself and the people of Illinois. I’m infuriated that he had the utter fucking gall to claim Manifest Destiny (Lord’s will) in his song and dance at a church yesterday. He’s not the Junior Senator from IL. No one wants you Burris, you were appointed by the dirty, scratch that… filthy Blagojevich and no one wants to allow this to happen. Granted there may be no legal way to block it, but he can’t think anyone will take him seriously or that he can ever have a hand in politics again after Blago gave him the political equivalent of the clap?

I… I’ve got no words for the anger this is invoking in me. I’m so sick of these assholes in our local and state government making the Land of Lincoln a laughing stock around the world I could scream.