Ok, I woke up and it’s not a dream. Well it is a dream come true for so many people who never thought they’d live to see this happen. I called my mom and she was in tears. My great Grandmother wasn’t able to vote until she was 50, my Grandmother wasn’t able to vote until her 20’s. My mother and I never had to wait to exercise our right to vote.

I’m just… I still don’t have coherent words at how much it thrills me to have seen this history, been a part of this history. I did not give my time but I did give my money and my heart to then Senator Obama. I did what I could to follow and help in the minor ways I could. Those of you who did more, who phone banked, my boss JK who not only donated, but got his daughter involved by canvassing with her in Indiana just two days after returning from a two week tour in Thailand and ferried people to vote in IN yesterday. To those of you who gave of yourselves to make this happen, I thank you.

To see people turn out in droves to make this happen, to see people wait hours to cast their ballot swelled me with pride and joy. To see so many young people get out and vote, take an interest in the Democratic Process makes me burst with pride for the future generations of this country.

For those who supported McCain, my sincere condolences that your candidate lost. Not a slap in the face, not a jeer because it won’t help anything. It won’t help to heal the rifts this country has suffered for so long. For those that continue to spew the hate, the ridiculous rhetoric that likely cost McCain the election I’m sorry for you. For those that honestly believe the lies that we will be handed over to Iraq, and our money will be stolen in the night to share amongst the less fortunate like a modern William Tell tale… I honestly feel sorry for you and hope that you find your way back to reason soon. For anyone who thinks that election was “stolen” wake the fuck up. There was a 2-1 victory in the Electoral College and McCain conceded gracefully; despite the classy booing of his supporters. Because no matter your hate and vitriol it will not change the fact that Obama, President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama is our next leader and there is no need for hate and divisiveness at this time in our nations history.

My fellow Americans (and those watching from overseas) I’m proud of my country, proud of my fellow citizens who made history along with me and who made their voices heard for change. The picture below says so much about this week in history.

I’m glad to be able to say YES WE DID.