Christ on a wheat thin, I am so fucking sick of hearing about Joe the Plumber! It’s been proven that he’s not even a real plumber, owes quite a bit of money in back taxes, is a Republican and has donated to the their causes and is related to the Keatings of the Keating controversy.

Stop waving his name around like a fucking badge of honor, like he’s your personal buddy. Between him and Joe Six Pack, I’m sick of this ooooh look, we love the common man. He’s the face of America! Well, here’s a bit of news. Joe Six Pack is who I think of when I think of redneck assholes that go home and beat their wive because dinner isn’t ready at 6 pm.

I think of Joe Six Pack as the guy who never got out of high school or has a couple community college credits and resents his wife because she makes more than him in her secretarial job at the local high school. Joe Six Pack is not what I think of when I think of what America is.
America is supposed to be the land of the free, brave, and so on. It’s not a country where you are inciting people to riot over race, not a country where one has to be afraid to express themselves for fear of censure, not a country where I need to fear that someone will attack me because I’m not a white, conservative christian. People seem to have forgotten that America was founded by people who were sick of being run over by the elite, yet we have a candidate who doesn’t know how many houses he owns and a barbie doll for a running mate who has had more spent on an image re-do in 6 weeks than some people make in 2 years.

So for those people who want to toss out Joe the Plumber and Joe Six Pack as shining examples of American values, just fucking stop it. You are making all of us sick to death with this lame ass sound byte, and frankly you are foolish if you think anyone agrees with that small minded idea.

November 4th must come quickly because then I can stop hearing about how Un-American I must be because I live in a Big City, because I’m not a Christian or Conservative.