After watching Rev/Sen Meeks holler and act a damn fool on television the last couple of weeks, I must say a.)I’m not impressed and b.) he’s doing it wrong.

Forcing these students to invade New Trier isnt the answer, nor is making the huge ruckus over equality in spending per child in CPS schools. You could spend $1M per child and if they don’t get the support they need at home, have teachers and community invested in them it will all be a waste.

I wish these people would stop for a second and stop making all of this purely about race. Think about where the problems begin, hold those people accountable. Don’t assume that having facilities on par with white schools will magically make things better, make them learn any more or make them suddenly be on a level field with the white kids Meeks is suggesting they go commingle with.

I really wish he could see the bigger picture in this and turn that mirror around and see that investment and interest in education starts at home.

Meeks renews call to send kids to New Trier

August 4, 2008

State Sen. James Meeks took to the pulpit Sunday to reiterate his plea for Chicago Public Schools parents to keep their children out of city schools the first day of class and instead go to the New Trier district.

Meeks, pastor of Salem Baptist Church, and other minority clergy are seeking to highlight the inequalities between rich, white and poor, minority school districts in the state. On WLS-Channel 7, Meeks said if the state can draw the Olympics here, it can also come up with a fair funding solution.

“Open up the white school. We want to get in the white school. We want to go where the books are or computers are,” he said in his sermon.