Obama Family celebrates July 4th, 2008
Obama Family celebrates July 4th, 2008

I am so fucking sick of the constant lies and bullshit being spewed about Barack Obama, I think I may just lose my shit and go running down the street screaming. I feel like this election is going to cause Civil War type rifts among friends, family, etc.

But just to get it out of my system; here’s a list of things I’m sick of hearing about the good Senator:

He’s a Muslim
He’s terrorist trained
He’s a Black Christian extremist (how he does that and practice being a Muslim I’d love to know)
He’s going to lay down and hand the enemy the country
He wants to enslave whites
He hates America
He won’t acknowledge the American Flag
He’s been seen with Terrorists
He refuses to acknowledge his Black or White ancestry (Pick a day for either)
He smokes/smoked crack
His wife is a whitey hating baby mamma (thank you Michelle Malkin for that image)
His wife is unpatriotic

Graham W called it exactly when he spoke about how ugly things would get if Senator Obama got the Democratic nomination. People who think racism is dead and gone in this country need to wake the fuck up.

15 thoughts on “Things I am sick of hearing about Senator Barack Hussein Obama

  1. Keyisha,

    Fail, utter fucking fail. Go fuck yourself you crazy bitch you hear me? Go find someone else to stalk, because you don’t scare me with your e-rage, you are obviously fucking illiterate and again fucking fail at reading comprehension.

    Go read a book bitch before I cut your dumb ass.

  2. what happen cypheroftyr you have not comment back? what are u? are you scared????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. um cypherofty you probably very smart by not putting your real name, because your probably white and i dont think you want a crazed BLACK!!! person to track you down and beating the life out of you, so advise to stop being a smart alec.

  4. Hey Keisha,

    Reading comprehension… get some. Re-read this post and then comment.

  5. you guys have no sympathy for people! what u just want a (white president) to run for presidency? well guess what were in a new generation so get use.

  6. People just hating cause he the first black president.Can’t black folks do something for a change.I sit back and laugh at haters like that and i’m sure that is what Barak is doing too.

  7. McCain left his first wife after she was seriously injured after a car accident, leaving his children behind. Obama is with his family and his wife and daughters have a smile on their face every time they’re together.

    That alone speaks volumes to me as far as judgment.

    I’m white, by the way 😛

  8. You need help, since you have clearly lost touch with reality.

    Don’t visit this blog again freak

  9. right… Obama lies constantly and he is the son of the devil.

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