If I hear or see one more uneducated, foolish nut job capitalize Barack Obama’s middle name and scream terrorist Muslim I may just crack. After reading an article in Diver Issues in Higher Education take on racism being an issue for the good Senator, I’m seething.

I’m not seething because they are stating the obvious, I’m seething because of the rampant ignorance about Obama that I see and hear from people on a daily basis. After all of the hoo ha about Rev. Wright and Trinity, how can anyone still think he’s Muslim?

These are the fear mongering, omg terrorists are under our beds and in our wheaties kind of fools that kept shrub in office and who continue to flood the world with their idiocy.

Yes, his name is Barack Hussein Obama, but Christ on a cracker, why must everyone with a Muslim sounding name HAVE to be an American hating terrorist?

I’m just frustrated at the level of OMG TERRORIST! The folks in the article are espousing, especially when they interview folks in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s who are clearly old school racists because of the era they grew up in.

*throws up hands* I don’t know how I’ll make it for the rest of the year wanting to throttle idiots.

4 thoughts on “For the last time, Barack Hussein Obama is not a Muslim Terrorist!

  1. j, guess you missed the fact that he separated from that church in your hurry to slam the left. I’ll thank you to keep your critique of my critical thinking skills to yourself.

    As for people believing what they are told instead of fact? How about the last 8 years of theocracy and politics of fear we’ve lived under?

  2. I guess that fact that he IS part of a Black Liberation church with the father-figure-pastor meeting with the Libyan dictator AND his mother was a radical leftist And his keeps with radical leftist terrorists AND his elitist ramblings and rhetoric will just be pushed aside because at least he isn’t a Muslim.

    Like most on the left you believe what you are told rather than seek out actual fact. Obama is at best a Marxist. He wants to follow the failed policies of European countries regardless of the fact that they have… Well … failed.

    Progressive should be about moving forward. All I see are a bunch of ignorant people chasing after a dream that has already failed for Europe.

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