Snagged directly from lwood’s LJ
Nordic Knitting Conference II: 13-15 March 2009

Well, thanks to lwood, I can tell you that a second conference has just been announced!

They’ve posted a PDF of the press release, but here’s the nitty gritty dates to put into your calendar:

10 November 2008:
Class descriptions will be posted on the museum’s website for your drooling pleasure.
01 December 2008
Registration opens!
13-15 March 2009
Dates of the Conference!

Hope to see some of you there!


  1. Last time, registration was by postal mail only, that may also be the case here.
  2. There will be no pre-registration. BAH!
  3. I have already marked all of these dates on my calendar. Mwahahahaha!!!
  4. Parking at the Museum is good, but there’s little lunchable food within walking distance. Unless you have a Friendly Native Guide willing to shuttle you around places, I suggest the catering option.
  5. Classes are for all skill levels. None of this “oh, poor me! I am not a studly enough knitter!” business.
  6. Purchase books before leaving home: last time, the Museum didn’t have much on-hand, although they may well rectify that for obvious reasons.

Hope to see some of you there!