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3 thoughts on “Is America ready for a black president? or a female president? Webchat

  1. Bionka, this was merely an announcement about an online debate at diverse issues @ higher education.com not an invitation to debate with me.

  2. Think about children lost their lives, September 11, Hurriance Katrina, and US solider lost thier lives serving our nation. If they were here, They will want a change in the United States. Bush has tooked our money to support another country. Why? We suppose to went over there and get Bin lassden because he attack our nation, but we still fighting, why? You are putting us in danger, and we will be destroyed too. Why not vote for a black man or female?

  3. Americans are ready for either one. I suggest Obama is right candidate for this position. It shouldn’t matter if you white or black! We should be focus on Big issues here! We might be still fighting a war in Iraq but we still fighting war on gun violence, health care, property taxes, and education.

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