Someone explain to me how in the bloody fucking hell the government can take two years to claim money they say I owe them and just do it with little notice, no way to really resolve it (I was on the phone for 40 minutes before I got to speak with a live person) and its perfectly fucking fine?!

I can’t take two years to send someone a bill for money they supposedly owe our department. If I did, I’d have been fired or at the very least written up. The only notice I’ve gotten is that I had’nt sent in that online signature form for my 2006 tax filing.

What the fuck man…I’m still at the office since I tried to call the other 800# I was given and I still didn’t get a fucking answer from a real live human being.

I want to burn down the fucking IRS office downtown now, or at least put my foot up the ass of the next person who even thinks to give me any shit for anything.

I’m so angry right now… so fucking furious I’m in tears. I need that money, I was going to buy my ticket to visit GW in San Jose so I wouldn’t be ass broke until next payday. FUCK this ruins everything. And to think that its perfectly acceptable for our motherfucking government to take however long they feel like to do their jobs but for us regular twits who don’t work for the government and actually have to perform in their fucking jobs or else.

Must be really fucking nice to work for the MAN since you can do what you god damned well please and get away with it.

Fuck this I’m going home. Fuck this bullshit and the government too