Dear ethereals who dictate WHAT TO WEAR, HOW TO WEAR IT, and WHY  WE SHOULD PAY $$$$$ for the IT fashion of the week.  Please take the following things in consideration the next time you sit around and decide the fate of the fashion slaves of the world.

  • Every woman who works does not wear 2-4″ heels to work, so please stop making pants so long I’m in danger of breaking my neck if I don’t wear heels.
  • Not everyone should wear low rise pants, especially if they don’t believe in wearing a belt
  • Thongs are not meant for everyone, stop making them
  • Tell retail clerks that making the sale isn’t worth inflicting the reality of white spandex pants over dark undies on a rotund individual on the rest of the world.
  • Fat ass women who wear spandex leggings with slits cut in the side should be dragged to the nearest plus sized clothing store for a makeover stat. Stop making clothing that makes people who don’t have the sense to buy things that are attractive instead of things that come in their size.
  • Orange does not suit 95% of the population. It should never be used for coats, boots or other major clothing items
  • If you are going to make things in sizes larger than 12, keep in mind that larger people have asses, chests and curves. Don’t just make things in a larger cut, make it to fit.
  • Goth fashion should not ever be made mainstream. It’s subculture for a reason, stop exploiting it.
  • Animals come in enough colors naturally. Stop dyeing animals to match clothing, its sick.
  • Stop charging 400 % markup for fugly clothes just because they came from Italy, Europe or elsewhere. coming from across the pond does not mark up the value.
  • Scrawny bitches who look 12 years old will not entice me to buy your clothes, instead it makes me wonder what kind of pedophiles are running your marketing department.

Thats all I have for now… readers feel free to add on to it.

2 thoughts on “An open note to the fashion industry…

  1. Fuck yeah! I’m so with you on that! YES! YES! YES!!!

    BTW, what font family/size is this? It looks fantastic!

  2. I agree on all the above points…plus this ….. Make some pretty underwear for women who actually have something to put in it!

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