I was remiss in doing one thing in my last post about Dinner with Jen. I forgot to mention FlatStanley!

Here’s his travelpod profile:

FlatStanley Profile headshot

Hi! My name is Flat Stanley! I come from a book about a kid named Stanley whose bulletin board fell on him during the night and made him two-dimensional.
My seven-year old friend Alex drew me as part of his second grade class project and then sent me to his Aunt Jen to take care of for two months. Aunt Jen took me with her to Palestine and Israel and boy did I have an adventure unlike any other Flat Stanley in Alex’s class–in the whole world,I bet!
Hope you enjoy seeing my pictures and hearing my stories!
Your friend,

Flat Stanley

Start of travels: Dec 10, 2007
End of travels: Jan 10, 2008

Check out his travels to Palestine and accompanying photos

FlatStanley & Aunt Jen
I’m looking forward to reading about his trip to Chicago 😉