The Illinois Primary is on 5 February. Go fucking vote… I don’t care who you are voting for or against, just go vote dammit.

Every election cycle I get so sick of hearing people bitch and whine about the current administration and what its doing/not doing for the people. The majority of these whiners DID NOT VOTE because they felt that their one vote didn’t matter, or that no matter who won they were going to be overlooked and fucked over yet again.

Well, thats BS to me. The whole idea of voting of the democratic process was to allow the people’s voice to be heard and felt. I know its easy to be cynical after the last two presidential elections and how they were “stolen” (I’m not going to argue for or against that with you all so don’t even start) but that should make you want to vote even more.

Make your voice heard on the 5th. Get your ass out of that chair and get to wherever it is that you are supposed to vote. Don’t let lines deter you, don’t say I’ll go after work and then blow it off. Its your future as a citizen and your responsibility to vote.

Remember, blood was shed so women and blacks could vote. It hasn’t always been a right to be able to vote, and its a hard won privilege that you can vote.

So just go do it… and if you don’t vote then just STFU about what we end up with in office later this year.

/vote or else diatribe