This motherfucker is crazy. Seriously, you are going to murder your own child just because her husband comes from a lower caste?

Time for me to pull a Karnythia… what would you do if your child married “beneath them”? In your opinion. I hope to the Gods it’s not what this crazy fucker did.

Article from CBS website

Man Held Without Bond In Deadly Fire
Pregnant Woman, Husband And Infant Son Died In Saturday Blaze In Oak Forest
MARKHAM, Ill. (CBS) ― Prosecutors say a 57-year-old man set a fire that killed his daughter, her husband and their 3-year-old son because the son-in-law came from a “lower caste system” and had not asked him for the daughter’s hand in marriage.

Subhash Chander was ordered held without bond Tuesday in a hearing before Judge Martin McDonough at the Markham Courthouse. He is accused of burning his pregnant daughter Monika Rani, 22; her husband Rajesh Kumar, 30; their son Vansh, and their unborn child.

Chander was charged Monday night with three counts of first-degree murder and one count of intentional homicide of an unborn child in the Oak Forest blaze. The fire that gutted a 36-unit building was set Saturday night at the Le Claire Station Apartments in Oak Forest.

Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Robert Milan said considering how many people the fire put in danger, it could have been one of the largest homicides in American history.

Milan said Chander intentionally set the Saturday night fire. The fire also put the lives of dozens of others in harm’s way and destroyed 36 units in one building.

Chander confessed to setting the fire, Milan said. The defendant told authorities he purchased some gasoline for his daughter but got into a shoving match with his son-in-law, during which the gasoline spilled and he set a lighter to it, Milan said.

But prosecutors do not believe the story.

“This is his version of what happened. The evidence shows that based on what was said in court today that it’s more likely that there was no shoving match; that while they were asleep, this was poured outside the doorway and this fire was ignited,” Milan said. “He did not like his son-in-law. His son-in-law married his daughter without his permission, and on top of that, in his country, his son-in-law grew up in a caste lower than he and his daughter, so the son-in-law was not acceptable to the defendant. That was the motive.”

Milan said Chander purchased the gasoline two hours before the fire. He said there were no calls to 911 from him or the victims’ apartment.

A second man was also questioned, but released.

Witnesses saw two men pouring accelerant in the hallway outside the Aroras’ apartment moments before flames engulfed the building. Lab tests completed Monday by Illinois State Police showed that the accelerant was gasoline and that it matched gasoline found on the clothes of the two suspects.

Earlier Monday, Oak Forest Police Chief Dennis Olszewski had declined to say whether the men were related to the victims. Police said the investigation was hampered because the suspects didn’t speak English well.

Rani’s uncle lived in the same building as the young family and her father lived in a building 50 yards away — two doors down from a second apartment Rani and Arora shared until August, friends said.

Arora, who worked at gas stations in Chicago Heights and Steger for five years, was “a good person,” Raj Bains, who owns gas stations in the area, said. When customers heard news of the cashier’s death, many were moved to tears, Bains said.

The fire left numerous people displaced, some of whom lost identification and passports. Neighbors have donated clothes, blankets and other supplies to those left homeless by the blaze.

CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman and the STNG Wire contributed to this report.

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