Now, not sure how many people may have heard about the luggage that fell from a Delta Airlines flight last week… but apparently the biggest part of the story is that a girl lost her brand new American Girl doll… not the fact that the plane could have crashed from pressure loss in the cabin because the cargo door wasn’t sealed completely, or the fact that that dropped luggage could have killed someone when it landed…

No the focus and hype is about this girl losing a fucking doll. *eye roll here* How about some perspective people? There were offers all over the place to replace her doll, but AG replaced it for free. Where are all these offers of charity for shit that matters? Why can people open their wallets for trivial shit like this instead of doing something useful with their money or other resources?

Priorities… people need them badly.

Story under the cut for those that want to read it:

American Girl to replace doll that fell from jet
Others offer to donate their own to 9-year-old Florida girl

By Jon Hilkevitch

Tribune transportation reporter

12:58 PM CDT, October 24, 2007
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Offers started to pour in Wednesday from children willing to donate their American Girl dolls to a Florida girl whose doll was sucked out of the open cargo hold of an airliner.

But American Girl’s corporate headquarters beat them to the punch after the Tribune published a story Wednesday about 9-year-old Abby Ann Telan lamenting the loss of her Marisol Luna doll, which is no longer in production.

“It makes me feel sad and scared,” said Abby Ann, a 4th-grader who traveled to Chicago with her family for the weekend and had her doll’s hair styled at the American Girl Place store downtown. “I don’t know where she landed or if she is OK.”

Jane Kozak of New Lenox read the Tribune story to her 10-year-old daughter MaryKate, who owns a Marisol doll.

“She said it is so sad. She wants her to have the doll,” Kozak said. “Her hair needs to be brushed, but she is in perfect condition.”

Margaret Warzecha of Mundelein said her 9-year-old daughter, Erin Marie, wanted to donate her Marisol doll, which needs some repairs.

“We could send it in to the American Girl Hospital for repair if the other girl’s doll has not been found,” Warzecha said.

Abby Ann’s father, Patrick Telan, expressed gratitude, but he said American Girl is express-shipping a new Marisol to his daughter.

The collectible doll, a Hispanic girl named Marisol Luna, was stored inside a light-blue duffel bag that tumbled out of the cargo hold of a Delta Connection plane shortly after taking off from Midway Airport on Sunday. It has not been found.

Also lost inside Abby Ann’s duffel bag were Webkinz plush pets, a DW doll from the “Arthur” children’s TV show and some of Abby Ann’s clothes, her parents said.

The rosy-checked, Hispanic Marisol Luna doll generated controversy when it was released in 2005. A book accompanying the doll said the Hispanic girl moved from Chicago’s predominantly Mexican-American Pilsen neighborhood to suburban Des Plaines because of her parents’ concern for her safety, a reference that some Mexican-American activists angrily interpreted as a stereotype about gang activity.

Delta Connection passenger Howard Berman also lost prized belongings on the flight, but he was reunited with his garment bag, proof-positive that anyone can revel in the luck of the Irish.

Berman’s bag — stuffed with Notre Dame sweaters, a vintage school jacket and other souvenirs — was recovered from a Chicago-area rail yard Monday.

Berman, 56, was aboard the Atlanta-bound flight after watching the USC Trojans’ 38-0 trouncing of the Fighting Irish in South Bend, Ind., on Saturday.

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