To kick off the post… a pic from sunset the next day at sea. I love the sunset pics I got while we were at sea.


The rest is under a cut, as this post is again pretty photo heavy. Enjoy!

3 days at Sea on the way to Ecuador:

We departed Panama, sailed under the Bridge of the America’s

and headed out to Ecuador. In the 3 days it took to get to Guayaquil we had a lot of activity planned for us. There was a faculty reception

that first night out to sea (Monday the 8th of October)… then we signed up to observe some courses on board as well as sit in in on the Panama experience debriefings.


Here’s a pic of an empty classroom:

We had another short reception (aka meet, greet & drink) that second day at sea:


The best part of being at Sea was the Equator crossing ceremony!

King Neptune and his queen:

We got escorted up to the deck by those who’d already done this crossing:

Next was the walk thru the chum!

When you finished your walk and “swim” you were crowned by the King and his Queen as Shellbacks, and were no longer a Pollywog. We got marked with green S’s on our foreheads PICT0185

and lots of people jumped in the pools to clean off the saltwater we got sprayed with.


That was alot of fun, and I’m glad I did it! 🙂

That night the students wanted to do stargazing but it was too cloudy so they did a spoken word night instead. Pretty ingenious group on board that ship!

More after I get home and collate my thoughts on the last couple days of the trip.