… I feel still kind of like recycled poo but at least the pounding headache is gone! And my lovely comp is up and running again. It’s very smooth, quiet and oh so fast… Dual Core AMD 6400 X2 processor (2.5 Ghz clock speed), 4 GB of RAM, 400 & 250 GB SATA drives, card reader, and two DVD-RW drives; one of which doesnt seem to be working but thats a minor thing. If need be I can replace it fairly cheaply at NewEgg. That blasted PCI-E vid card is awesome but such a pain in the arse to get.

Somehow, I’ve got 3 meetings today and budgets are due by midnight. *le sigh* at least I’ve got coffee, Ecuadorian chocolate and a hot shower coming up shortly.

Thanks again to Carrie & Ken for letting me tag along to the store yesterday, that cold medication helped immensely and so did the soup.

Lastly, some of the pics from my trip are up on Flickr. Here’s the pics from Guayaquil, Equador and Our visit to the Embera Drua Indians along the Chagres River

More will likely be posted this week… and then photo illustrated posts!

The rest of my trip fotos are up on Flickr