I really am sick of the Cub’s fans who are already being obnoxious about the Cub’s divisional championship clinch on the 28th. For one thing, they didn’t clinch with their victory on Friday afternoon. They had to wait and see if the Brewers lost their game that same night.

It’s not like the Cubs have a chance in the playoffs either. Either the Marlins will help history repeat itself from 03 or the Yankee’s will spank the Cubs so soundly they’ll go into permanent hibernation. When the Cubs actually take the division title on a solid lead, not a down to the wire… we win the Division title if X team loses then I’ll begrudgingly be impressed.

Until then, I leave you with this. 99 years and counting Cubbies. Don’t get to excited cause this won’t last. Take a good look at that graphic cause that will be the Cubs after they lose their playoff spot.