Everything under a cut just cause I don’t random assholes picking an e-fight with me over my opinions, again.

For the record, I’m not a gay white male or a straight white male. I’m a black, bi female 34 who lives in Chicago. Why I’m stating all this is because I am really fucking furious at the idea that if a black person dares to contest the idea that black people simply can’t be racist they are magically now white! Hell I didn’t know that, if I did I would have spoken up about that shit earlier.

This rant comes because of an LJ post on James Earl Hardy and his clarifications on whether or not he hates White People, and that the fact that Black on Black gay love isn’t as revolutionary as people make it out to be. And the subsequent comment war where I’ve somehow become the patron saint of gay white men, protecting them from the wrath of James E Hardy; who has written a series of novels on gay black men, loving other black gay men… the first of which is B Boy Blues,

Now, in brief my comment was:

I’ve read his books and I think he comes across as hating white people. I also don’t buy into the idea that black people can’t be racist. In my book hating someone simply because of their skin color = racism.

First response is: “you are familiar with the definition of racism as a result of prejudice and power?”

All I did was ask what their definition was, and thus began the decline of this bullshit. I swear sometimes people must post shit to the internet just to look for a fucking fight.

Anyway, what did I say that for? Now I’m some champion of gay white men somehow! Really? I didn’t realize I said anywhere that oooh that JEH he needs to leave those poor white boys alone! They don’t mean any harm, really. I sincerely hate when I really just wanted to have a question answered or Gods forbid have a fucking dialog!

I guess what really angers me about this is that I apparently can’t find black people who can discuss race without it becoming a fight of you’re an oreo cause you don’t hate whitey like I do so you really don’t know shit about race or being black. I’m tired of being some closet self-hating black person because I don’t believe that all black folks are being kept under the thumb of the BIG WHITE MAN out there…

And now I’m just ranting and raving like a madwoman… cause shit like this makes me see red when you can’t convince some black people that there is no WorldWide C O N S P I R A C Y to keep them down in the dirt. Now, before anyone goes all apeshit on me… I do know racism is alive and well, but I cannot accept the idea that all white people are inherently racist from birth or that if I don’t buy into the poor me, no one’s gonna treat me right cause I’m black mentality then I’m not black enough.

Why do I even let this shit bother me? Because it makes me sad for the future if this is the kind of hatred and racism we’re bathing ourselves in daily.