I think I need to make a decision, a firm one this time about where I’ll hang my blogger’s hat. I’d like some feedback from those of you that read my wordiness on occasion.

PROS: cheap for a years subscription, somewhat versatile in making my lj page nice looking. Loads of communities for just about every interest you can think of.

CONS: 6A/LJ have some fucked up views on things, which has driven a good portion of its base away based on the latest fandom flare ups, most of the people I know IRL have left, never post anymore or have deleted their LJ’s entirely. This includes most fanfic that I enjoy reading.

PROS: Free with nice layouts, and alot of flexibility. More professional looking, and I feel more “adult” using WP instead of LJ for my net’ scribblings. Easy to syndicate, make an RSS feed from and publish and promote my blog.

Expensive to upgrade, uses a “credit” system for buying additional storage space, etc. No way to really privatize entries that I write, so anything personal would be eliminated from my blogging repertoire.

I was thinking of doing the following:
Personal things, work things, meme’s and things of that nature remain on LJ where they can be locked down.

All other things, random thoughts, fiction, writings, photos’ etc will be on WP…

Now I ask you readers a couple questions:

1.) Why do you read what I have to say?
2.) What do you enjoy more? Random and sometimes serious thought bursts or silly content?
3.) If I left LJ entirely, would you read my WP blog?
4.) Or should i just get a domain and my own site and be done with it?

For anyone who wants to get my WP in your in-box look over to the sidebar to the right, and click on subscribe!

2 thoughts on “WordPress vs Livejournal … a bloggers conundrum

  1. I don’t really know which is best but I guess it depends on what you really like and dislike. So maybe this comment may not be able to help but this is my opinion.

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