I really haven’t had the motivation to do any blogging on much of anything over the last few weeks. I may have posted links to other’s blogging, or offered up a random soundbite on the hot topic of the day. But overall, I haven’t felt like exposing myself to the outside world via the internet lately.

It’s not like I have a lot to talk about or that I’m even that interesting but I just havent felt that bug to write, to expound at length on any one topic on my blog(s). There’s so much I could talk about, but nothing has moved me to do so lately.

I could talk about race, Asatru, my job, my travels, wonderful partner in life, friendship, etc… but there’s no nudging me to talk about anything via le blogs.

Has anyone else ever had that happen to them? Just been bored of blogging, or felt like they had nothing worth saying?

Off to do more work, but I’ll think about this more and hopefully feel like putting finger to keyboard to talk about it at length.