With all the miscegenation hoo ha going on in Daily Deviant, some American hating know it all decided to blow their horn on the semantic battle going on in D_D. I can understand if you have issues with American Privilege, but at least come back with a better argument than Americans are all greedy scum who think they can boss the world around!

Some days I want to shake some sense into a bitch

What follows after the jump is their comment and my response.

The whole thread between this idiot and a few peeps can be found here 

User misstreskitty’s original comment:

2007-08-03 01:17 am (local) (link) Track This
I never been on livejournal much, but i followed some links and here I go.

Mods, I hate some Americans acting like a dirty mob made you feel forced to change your tags.

I’m not American, and me and my husband both are mixed. I’m proud of my family. I love that we got so much background that is so different. The word miscegenation? Don’t matter about when it was “invented”, here and now it only means mixed marriages and kids. Americans don’t own the word and they don’t get to tell us what it “really” means if they say so. They don’t like “us” using “American” words? Where they think most their words come from? They changed some of them plenty too.

Americans, I’m sorry your country is a mess, but that’s your mess. Fix up your people so they get along and get over thinking we going to change to make you happy and crying when we won’t.

And a big oh NO at the comments that Witchqueen can’t be racist if she got no power. Bull. Shit. Racism is racism. All saying stuff like that does is make it look like they want some poor excuses so they can be racist too. It goes both ways. Always will. Always has. I got told in America by a dark skinned girl I never met to not talk to my sister with her lighter skin! That’s racist just as much as if some white girl told my sister not to talk to me with my darker skin. Crazy, crazy people and both sides pushing the other away. Your country going to kill itself you keep that up.

I know there’s good things about it and good people in it, but this mess makes the bad ones SHINE.

You folks that cry and scream and stomp you feet if the world won’t baby you? Maybe you want to stay off the internet till you grow up some and learn you not the center of the world and don’t make the rules for the rest of it?

The internet isn’t American. Harry Potter isn’t American. Even livejournal isn’t all American. So stop trying to make us crazy like you.

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The follow up:

2007-08-04 10:34 am (local) (link) DeleteTrack This
It sounds more like you have a problems with American’s than this word and its repercussions.

I’ll thank you to not slander me as an American with the word crazy.

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2007-08-06 01:45 am (local) (link) Track This
I got big problem with American privilege think you can tell rest of world how to live. I got big problem with people saying my country racist.

I say before I know is good Americans. But Americans full of American privilege who try to bully rest of world, they I call crazy.

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2007-08-06 05:08 am (local) (link) DeleteTrack This
You are painting a wide brush against Americans, and I resent it. I don’t even know what country you are from, yet you claim American’s are calling your country racist without reason.

If you hate American’s and their privilege so much why visit forums that are American? Why even try to argue with people when you’ve made up your mind about them?

I feel sorry for the American’s you must label as good, since they are probably bitter Expatriates who now hate their country of origin for you to consider them good.

Good luck to you, and I hope you learn to overcome your American hatred.