Note to self: Never, ever ask either the COH or COV LiveJournal comm’s for build advice again! Ugh.

Ello’ fellow ne’er do wells! I humbly request some build advice on my lvl 28 Thugs/Force Field MasterMind Schadeunfrau. Build via screen caps under the cuts

Primary Powerset

Schadenfrau's primary powerset

I think the last one will open at 30 or 32, not sure actually since this is the highest level villain I’ve got. (of the actual responses, this one was useful, I get Upgrade Equipment at 32))

Secondary Powerset
Schadenfrau's secondary powerset

I havent taken a lot of the force field powers, as some of them don’t mesh with my playing style or I don’t see a good reason to take them. I’m not sure about Revulsion Field, but I did just take it when dinging 28 the other day.

Other pools taken are:
Flight: Air Superiority & Fly
Leadership: Assault & Tactics

Anyone out there have suggestions for a good build that works with solo play but can also mesh with teaming up with folks?

Your wisdom is appreciated 🙂