Put under a cut so I can stop getting such jack ass comments on this old post.

Something that really bothered me today… as I was walking to meet a friend for lunch, 3 young black men were walking in front of me. Each of them damn near broke their necks to ogle any woman who passed them that had any amt of breasts, hips or ass.

One of these “gentlemen” almost knocked me over while trying to check out a young lady who’d walked past. I brushed past them and then overheard the following: (Paraphrased cause I don’t have a photographic memory)

BM#1: Damn man, you’re gonna knock somebody over trying to look at those bitches
BM#2: Well that fat fucking bitch almost knocked me down when I was tryin to scope that fine bitch walking by
BM#1: Still, you aint gotta knock bitches down to stare at other bitches
BM#2: That fat fucking bitch damn near knocked me over, say sumthin to her.
BM#3 was silent during this exchange.

What bothered me most is that none of the women they were endangering themselves over apparently warranted much more than being called (fill in the Adj) BITCH… These were young black men, who likely weren’t older than 19 or 20 if I’m guessing their ages right. They already have decided that all women are bitches, and not even worthy of respect.

I think I’m rambling a bit but you all get my point? When did our men become such callous assholes about how to treat women? Since when is it acceptable to just replace woman with bitch or ho?

3 thoughts on “Did I miss a memo?

  1. Just another manifestation of a culture in demise. If you are like me, you just hope that it bottoms out (SOON!) and that things will start to recover.

  2. Cyph, as a black male product of the sixties I feel your pain, but try not to take it too personnally…. these kids represent a demographic that society has all but given up on(thus the prison industial complex) their deprecation of women is a misguided attempt to make themselves feel a little “bigger”

  3. Hmmm… I think the answer to this comment lies with good Dr. Cosby.


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