… so… your house floods and instead of asking for people to help out you ask them to pray for you? Seriously, why not ask for people to come by with sand bags, shovels, buckets, or something? I don’t understand the mentality of Oh no! A disaster, I’ll just pray it away.

I just don’t get it…. really I don’t. Probably because I’m not an xtian and even when I was I didn’t think merely praying would keep things at bay. I believe in action to take care of oneself not just oh well, the Lord will provide. That has’nt worked very well for me, and I seriously doubt that it will work well for others.

Yep, not a lot of faith in that Jesus guy thats for certain. My friend Kevin said it best when he quoted the following:

“…Organized religion is not the final truth in our search for God. Rather, it is the grammar school of faith, an important stage in our spiritual education but one from which we must eventually graduate.” – John Sloat, former Presbyterian minister

That makes such perfect sense to me… and  I think I’ll put it on my desk at work.