My $0.02 on the LJ Strikeout-gate and on the comm

On strikeout 07: First off… as someone who writes fiction and fanfiction I’m angry over the deletion of fan fic communities last week. To lump them in with pedophiles, killers, etc was knee jerk and ridiculous. It was also done when LJ’s main man was away on vacation by the CEO. Granted, I don’t know exactly what prompted this knee jerk OMFG must delete comms and Journals based on “user interests” not content but it was done poorly, with no warning and no real sense of we’re protecting anyone but ourselves.

I don’t know what Warriors for Innocence are, or what they (it) hope to accomplish by lashing out at the internet randomly either. I went to the blog, but I refuse to link to it as a.) I think that bitch is a total racist white supremicist, conservative xtian nutball of the highest order and b.) the site may give you (or me spywares)  What little bit I did read made me want to punch the blogger through my screen as she/he is doing nothing but making themselves look crazy and has only succeeded in a relatively random, and rather unneccesary strike against what they see as incest, porn, etc.

I happily say that I reported a pedo’s LJ a while back after he posted to a comm I belong to (his user icon triggered me to make sure I wasn’t just over reacting and he really was a sick fuck). Luckily LJ took action and that was that. That happened because of the users content, not merely interests… as it was said some people put down all kinds of shit as user interests for shock value, not because they truy enjoy or are involved in such illegal activities as incest, pedophilia, etc.  So next time LJ, please use some common sense, not do a knee jerk delete then ooops, sorry! Users ,especially those of us paying to use this thing called an LJ don’t like such things being done to us.

And now for the misuse of the word  Jihad  by everyone in the <a href=”http://”>innocence_jihad community</a>: Now while I can certainly understand the sentiment behind declaring war on this WFI group, couldn’t you all have picked a better name? Couldn’t they have used something other than “Jihad” If not at least something like  <i>Jihad_on_WFI</i>? As the comm name stands now, it reads as if they are declaring war on innocence overall, not merely this group called WFI. I don’t particularly care for the word “Jihad” as it is the word of those who attacked us and that of those I consider an enemy to the US.  it is not a word to toss around lightly, nor is it something I think anyone with any kind of sense would use here in the US for a fight against a right wing nutjob who hates slash fanfic.

I took a peek at the comm, and its not even living up to its name. Nothing recently posted in there is about fighting the WFI group… its merely becoming another webspace for debating slash fanfic, a few personal rants, and flounce from LJ declarations. Something people really should understand before they go off on any crusades to stop the MAN  from impeding their free speech rights.

Understand the following: Six Apart is a for profit company, and as such they are only interested in the bottom line at the end of the day. The only way they would be affected by user protest is for mass amounts of people to leave LJ instead of renewing their paid subscriptions, for people to not use the ad supported accounts, thereby reducing the revenue they earn.  They will not truly feel an impact with a couple hundred people flouncing off to other blogging sites especially if you have already paid up for 3 months to a year in advance.

For those folks who want to leave LJ, I support you but keep in mind unless a few thousand go with you, Six Apart will continue to make dumb ass mistakes, and as long as we consumers keep paying for the privilege to use their webspace we are getting what we pay for, which is very little in their p.o.v.

Now I’m getting off my soap box and back to writing slash porn.