Dating “outside” … some thoughts.

Could Mr Right be White? Or dating 'outside' comes into practice for black women My friend Fard did a very good post on his LJ about this topic. You can find it here. Here's my comment. My 0.02 Meant to comment earlier. I agree and its sad, very sad that black women seem to be … Continue reading Dating “outside” … some thoughts.

“N*****” word Gets buried… but is it really gone?

N-word' gets symbolic end NAACP campaigns at annual meeting to bury the epithet just like it did with Jim Crow 60 years ago By Dahleen Glanton and Kayce T. Ataiyero Tribune staff reporters Published July 10, 2007 ATLANTA — In a symbolic move to erase the controversial "n-word" from the English vocabulary, the NAACP held … Continue reading “N*****” word Gets buried… but is it really gone?