I finished @unravel_game today… my heart

I finished @Unravel_Game today by Coldwood Studios so here's a mostly complete playthrough. XB1 early Access play - First 3 hours, pre-release https://youtu.be/pQPmaJpCP4k   Playstation 4 Play - Exported to YT from Twitch: https://youtu.be/gznEi6vrD00 https://youtu.be/4jqBat7r8iM https://youtu.be/NqGeaZDWR4U https://youtu.be/5omReyZL0Es https://youtu.be/Z7DHKGiGhrU and finally, the last few levels April 12th, including tears at the end. https://youtu.be/hxeemE6XJAI   Thank you … Continue reading I finished @unravel_game today… my heart

Doing all the things! March update [Reposted from Patreon]

Hi all, First off thank you for your support this past month, I appreciate every single Patreon, from everyone at the $1 and up helped keep me housed, the cat fed, internet and electricity on so I can do this work. So what have I been doing eh? A lot more streaming for one thing. … Continue reading Doing all the things! March update [Reposted from Patreon]

My Updated @GaymerX Schedule

So my GX3 schedule has changed a little bit, so here it is in it's final form. Changes noted in bold below GaymerX – San Jose, CA December 11 – 13, 2015 “We Need More Diverse Games: How to Get There”  with Gil Almolgi, Katherine Cross, DJ Kirkland, Rachel Keslenski, and Arthur Chu Friday December 11th, … Continue reading My Updated @GaymerX Schedule

A very quick, run by post-C2E2 update

So both panels went well, both:   "Through Brightest Days & Blackest Nights – A Black Nerd Girl’s Journey" where I had the honor of sitting alongside Keidra Chaney, Mikki Kendall, Karlyn, and moderated by the wonderful Jennifer Cross. We had a full-house and, and also, Gail Simone attended & live tweeted! Mikki ran off the … Continue reading A very quick, run by post-C2E2 update