image courtesy Green Ronin Publishing

Thanks to everyone who submitted to our call for solicitations! The response was overwhelming and our call for writers closed at 10pm Central, Monday August 12th. 

If you got in your solicit before the deadline, congratulations that’s the first step! Please be patient as we read through everyone’s information and begin the process of picking writers. It may seem like it’s taking a while to get back to you but we haven’t forgotten about everyone who submitted their work.

You’ve seen that Green Ronin Publishing has secured the rights to do an RPG based off N.K. Jemisin’s Hugo Award winning Broken Earth Trilogy by now, and you’re super excited and want to maybe work on it?

Awesome! We’re looking for folks who are familiar with the books and setting with game writing experience. Especially wanted, and highly encouraged to solicit are designers of color to work on this project.

Joe Carriker and I will review solicitations and get back to folks we are interested in as we move forward with development.Follow up emails will come from as we work through the massive amount of inquiries we got! Make sure to whitelist this email so it doesn’t go to spam.

F.A.Q: Based on inquiries received after this page went up, here’s some updated info for you all. Note this will be updated as needed.

Q: I have no writing experience in games, may I still solicit?

A: Yes, but we will need to see some strong writing samples and familiarity with the setting

Q: I’m not a POC, may I still solicit?

A: Yes, though we are strongly encouraging POC writers and designers to send in solicitations for this project.

Q: What if I’ve never read the Broken Earth trilogy?

A: It will make it a little more difficult to work on this project. Luckily, the game isn’t expected until 2020, so get to reading!

Q: What are chosen writers going to work on?

A: The assignments will be for a combination of rules writing and setting writing specifically – describing the world, the people in it, and their culture, in exacting detail.

Q: Should I be familiar with the Chronicle System before soliciting?

A: No but familiarity with the Chronicle system will be great for you to have, if chosen to write on this project.

Q: What’s the timeline?

A: Dates aren’t set yet for what will be due and when. Writers chosen for the project will get more details as we move forward. Writers will likely have between eight and ten weeks for first drafts, and three to five weeks for final drafts.

Q: I want to offer my editing/proofreading skills, do you need that?

A: Editing and proofreading will be done in-house by developers and staff at Green Ronin. Please feel free to reach out to GR about other opportunities.

Q: I have other skills than writing, how else can I be involved in this project?

A: Drop us a note at and we’ll reply as we can, but this solicitation cycle is just for folks to do writing on the game. Note: It is far too early to offer any kind of play testing or review.

Q: Can non-US writers solicit?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Did you know there is a game out there already called The Broken Earth RPG?

A: Yes, however the license for the game based on N.K. Jemisin’s works is officially titled “Fifth Season Roleplaying” although the overall series is called the Broken Earth. It’s simply easier to use Broken Earth as that is the first title of the trilogy and familiar to fans.

Q: How long will you be soliciting writers?

A: The response has been overwhelming, so we closed our open solicitation for writers on Monday, August 12th, 10pm Central US time.

Again designers & writers of color STRONGLY encouraged to get in contact with us regarding this project. If you have questions outside of soliciting us to contribute, please drop a note to Tanya at