So, as long as Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) happens I’ll still be there! I’ll also be floating around the Level Up Dice and Wyrmwood Booths.

I’ll be on two panels, one of which I’m moderating.

Queer as a 3-Sided Die Thursday 2:30 pm WSCC 3B

Industry panelists lead discussion of gender and sexuality issues in gaming from design and publishing to game-play and community. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are a part of the gamer community. Although the gaming community is known for its tolerance, LGBT people still often struggle to see places for themselves in the fantasy worlds we create.

Moderator: Tanya DePass

Panelists: Jaym Gates, Lauren Bond

The Pros and Cons of Creative Autonomy  Friday 2:45 pm WSCC 3A

Crowdfunding has made it easier than ever to self-publish, but is doing so the right choice for everyone? Creators from diverse perspectives will talk about what it takes to be independent, how they’ve worked with publishers both big and small, and how their career choices brought them to where they are today.

 Panelists: David Walker, Eunsoo Jeong, Gabriel Picolo, Ngozi Ukazu, Tanya DePass

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